Tube-spring electro-contact manometers filled – up with liquid 12MTEK

12МТ 100ЕК, 12МТ 160ЕК, 22МТ 100ЕК, 22МТ 160ЕК
Nominal size ( ND )
100, 160 mm

Accuracy class
with sliding contacts - 1,6 ( 1 )
with magnetic-jumping contacts - 2,5 ( 1,6 )
Measuring ranges
up to -1…0; 0…600 bar

Radial (R)
Displaced axial socket (АЕ)

To switch - over electrical circuits at certain limited values of the measured pressure or vacuum. The usage, regarding the measured fluid is determined by the type of the manometer with a mounted-on electrical-contact device.

Technical specification
Technical specification

Nominal size in mm - ND



Operating temperatures
- ambient
- Of the measured fluid

Tmin - 20oC Tmax + 60oC
Tmax + 100oC
Number of contacts 1, 2 or other
Contact types sliding - S
magnetic-jumping - M
Schemes of connection Random combination of normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) contacts at “0” (zero) position of the arrow as the consequent number of the contact is increasing to the direction of the arrow, when it inclines in relation to position “0”.
Warning! ЗIt is recommended to use a control relay when operating the liquid-filled electric contact pressure-gauges that frequently switch over. The liquid fill the period of operation of the mechanical part of the measurement system but it simultaneously sharply increases the carbon deposit on the contact pins. Our recommendation is for these pressure-gauges to be operated via an MSR impulse-operated multifunctional relay allowing the work parameters to rise: - in power - up to 1840 VA - in voltage - up to 250 V - in intensity - up to 8 A and also considerably decreasing the formation of carbon deposit on the contact pins and the darkening of the liquid.