Tube-spring electro-contact manometers 11MTEK

11МТ 100ЕК, 11МТ 160ЕК, 21МТ 100ЕК, 21МТ 160ЕК

Nominal size ( ND )
100, 160 mm

Accuracy class
ND100 - 1,6 ( 1 )
ND160 - 1,6 ( 1 )

Measuring ranges
up to -1…0; 0…600 bar
Radial (R)
Displaced axial socket ( АЕ )
To switch - over electrical circuits at certain limited values of the measured pressure or vacuum. The usage, regarding the measured fluid is determined by the type of the manometer with a mounted-on electrical-contact device.
Technical specification
Technical specification
11 MT…EK
Nominal size in mm - ND 100 160
Accuracy class 1.6 (1)
Recommended measuring values
- At static loads
- At pulsing loads
- At a brief measuring

3/4 from the scale range
2/3 from the scale range
the scale range
Operating temperatures
- ambient
- Of the measured fluid

Tmin - 20oC Tmax + 60oC
Tmax + 100oC
Socket types
mounting thread and wrench number
М20х1,5 ( G 1/2” )
SW 22
Number of contacts 1, 2 or other
Contact types sliding - S
magnetic-jumping - M
Schemes of connection  Random combination of normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) contacts at “0” (zero) position of the arrow as the consequent number of the contact is increasing to the direction of the arrow, when it inclines in relation to position “0”.